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Cost and time saving for cnc manufactured toolmaking through the use of high temperature resistant plastics

In cnc manufactured toolmaking, whether for CFRP and GFRP parts, plastic thermoforming or foams, one thing is essential:
Cost efficiency and speed in the construction of the mould! Does this sound familiar? The deadline is tight, but the procurement of the raw material and the lead-time of the mould is already beyond schedule and budget.

BUSSE Production offers the solution:

+ Up to 50% material cost savings
+ Rapid raw material availability
+ Up to 50% less machine time through higher cutting speeds
+ Large moulds can easily be assembled from individual blocks
+ Simpler post-processing and repair, hence cheaper and faster response time  to mould modifications are possible
+ Surface quality identical to aluminium, finish possible by fine sanding and painting
+ Optional mould design by our own engineers

"I thank the company BUSSE Design+Engineering GmbH for fast, easy and high quality manufacture of moulds for the production of prototypes made of CFRP. Thanks to your extraordinary technology we could serve our customers on time with components, despite very tight schedules. I look forward to further cooperation in future projects. "

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christian Gemperlein
(CEO all ahead composites GmbH)

High temperature resistant
0,68 g/cm² 2,7 g/cm²
temperature resistance up to 145° up to 250°
material price per 1m³ 8.840 €/m³ ( ~ 13 €/kg) 17.550 €/m³ ( ~ 6,5 €/kg)
procurement times within 48h in large blocks significantly longer
resilience Autoclave: about 10 pieces
Glass fiber reinforced polyester about 300-1,000 pieces
about 1,000 pieces
in autoclaves suitable



All-round package

Thanks to modern CNC machine tools, intelligent CAD-CAM programming and a 1,000 square meter facility, complex free-form surfaces and parts can be manufactured in small batches at BUSSE within a very short lead-time.
All types of plastics, aluminium, magnesium, brass, Non-ferrous metals of all kind

Thanks to further in-house options, we also offer from one source:
Finishing & polishing, painting and powder coating, incorporation of functional kinematics, welding, assembly and function testing, preparation of complete prototypes


 MAKA MK 7s traversing: x 2.000 mm
  y 1.000 mm
  z 600 mm
rotation speed: 24.000 1/min

5-axis CNC machining centre with minor
amounts of lubrication and vacuum chuck

 MAKA MK 7s traversing: x 600 mm
  y 525 mm
  z 500 mm
rotation speed: 12.000 1/min

Universal 3-axis milling and drilling machine with
Minor amounts of lubrication and vacuum chuck


With 20 in-house engineers, the division of the tool or mould or mould design and part design is possible, especially in regard to mould disassembly strategies for complex parts.

CAD Systems:
+ Solid Works
+ ProE / Creo
+ Inventor

CAD/ CAM Systems:
+ Cimatron (E12)

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